Recently I’ve been thinking about momentum. When do we feel that we are going somewhere? We might just do our job and our daily routines and we are thinking that we are either stuck or we are moving somewhere.

How do we know which is which?

Let’s imagine that we are in a train station and we are onboarding a train. That’s our life.

After you’ve been sitting there a while you might see that the train next to you is starting to move. But maybe you are moving. How can we tell?

But one thing is for sure — something is moving and for us to see that — we need momentum.

Are we the ones who are staying back? Or are we the ones gaining momentum and going forward?

Life is never constant. Life is changing. Gaining momentum. It’s always in motion. Do we embrace it — the hectic and sometimes scary roller coaster of life or do we stay back and wait in line?

Joyride or not. Momentum is what keeps us going. Will you join?



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